Brokenveteran.org is a place to discover a story of deceit, treachery on the home front and brokenness, and the later revitalization through God’s grace.

Now, after enduring multiple affairs and a period of reconstructing my life, I am ready to share with others my story of a cheating wife and God’s grace.

I am a single, custodial father of two boys, and have been caring for them since they were 4-years and 18-months old. I value my fatherly role and consider my boys to be my legacy.

I am college educated and served this nation with 20-years of military service. Like many guys, I like to watch football, hunt, fish and ride motorcycles. However, I am definitely imperfect. I have made more than my fair share of mistakes in life.

Most notably, I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I go to church every week, I read my bible and I pray. I believe strongly in leadership, character and duty.

I am a member of my local church, and I hold life-time memberships to the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the 82nd Airborne Association.

What separates me from many of the average guys out there is that I married a serial cheater. This blog is my 15-minutes of fame to make a difference.

My former wife, a fellow service member, betrayed me while I was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and for several years afterward. My story is a story of serial adultery, abortion and abandonment by my cheating wife. This is also a story of ignoring God, and later rediscovering Him.

My mission is to share my story and this message…everyone needs God, regardless of who they are or where they are in their life. We are all broken in some way.

For many years, I was confident in my own plan, thought that I was the one in charge, and felt that I could do everything on my own. However, even me, a former infantryman, paratrooper, sergeant, military officer, commander and war veteran needs God.

My purpose is to glorify God and edify others about His grace toward me.

My vision is to help lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and for them to experience God’s hope, grace and love.

If I can reach one person, honor one military spouse and their affected children, or prevent adultery for one service member or other person, then this effort has been worthy.

So, in accordance with the U.S. Army Infantry motto, Follow me!